Thursday, January 15, 2015

On Crochet Cramming + PLDT Home Bro Ultera Horror Experience

Hello! How's your week na? It will be a holiday tomorrow here in Bulacan as declared by the Governor. For NCR naman today until Monday are holidays because of the Papal visit. Speaking of the Papal visit, I really want to go to Manila to see Pope Francis, however, I know it will be hard because of the expected huge volume of people who will go to see the Pope as well. So we will just content ourselves with watching the Pope on TV.

Besides we still have many fixing and cleaning at home to do. That is because of the this bulk orders of 400-piece of crochet mini booties we have finally finished yesterday.

Crochet Mini Booties, Chucks and Boots

They are nice noh? But did you know that we took an unplanned leave yesterday so we can finish and ship the orders that same day. Initially, we really plan to still go to work even if we are late. Then, I sent a message to our admin assistant (just in case someone look for me) that I will be at work after lunch na, until we finally decided to not go to work na. Paano naman guys, we slept for just 2 hours and lunch na we were still putting the designs.

Because of this we will not accept orders muna so we can rest. And I promise this crochet cramming will not happen again. It's not healthy and we almost fail to enjoy crocheting. Well, we still enjoy crocheting and the truth is, when we went home after shipping the orders, I am already thinking what to crochet. I think I am a certified crochet addict. lol!

Now, I am feeling the back ache from the long hours of crocheting I did for the past days. But it's okay because the order is done and I will just monitor if my client will receive it today. Hopefully we can rest a little tomorrow and I wish we do not need to go to work on Saturday. Long weekend sana...

Anyway, it's still better than never. Lol! Oh I can blog sana while we are not yet accepting orders. Unfortunately, our PLDT Home Bro Ultera connection is not working. We have no internet connection since November 25 pa. The worst part of it is they are asking us to pay for the service/internet we can not use kasi wala ngang connection. Imagine we need to pay our December bill daw and we can refund it daw naman once we terminate the contract. What the...

Hey, I am okay ha. I am just a little disappointed because of this very poor service. In fairness to them, the connection was fast but the customer service is very poor. The technical team is playing safe and they don't like to issue "failed closed" order so we can terminate the contract. They kept on telling us to give the technical team a chance to restore our connection but all the technicians who came to our house (almost every week) tell us the same. They need the original sim card. Daddy write the full details here

Sorry for this guys. As much as possible, I don't like writing negative feedback like this. But they already pushed us to the wall. The Technician told us there are other cases like this. So I think it's just fair and right to let the public know about this kind of service. I hope also that this will reach the PLDT management.

Hay... If you are us, what will you do? Daddy is thinking of sending this issue to NTC. We'll see...
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