Friday, January 9, 2015

My Goals for 2015 and A Better Me

The year 2014 has been a great year for me. God showered us with so many blessings but He gave us trials as well. I believe He will never give us anything we cannot handle so I always keep my faith on him. At the end of every trial, there's always something to learn. This keeps our faith even stronger and our self better.

And now that 2014 is over, I'll welcome 2015 with a happy heart and a stronger me. I will not make resolutions but instead realistic goals that I can achieve, especially with God's grace. So allow me to share with you my 10 goals for 2015.

Keep my strong faith in God. 

Like what I have said, we have experienced several trials in 2014. I am only human that sometimes I forget that no problem is bigger than God. So I learn not to doubt God and to trust him more. That's why I will do my best to keep my faith even stronger.

Share and give more. 

I must admit that I don't share and give more. I used to have this thinking that what we have is just enough for us. But I realized my heart is happier to help people and to see them happy. I also learned that I can share and give in so many ways if I really want to. Our available resources should not limit our capability to share, help and give more. Because if we really trust God, He will provide ways and give us back more than what we give.

Save and invest more. 

Though we started to save more last year, I believe we can still save more this year by planning what we are buying. Last year we bought a new sofa set, a new oven, dining set, TV stand and a Smart LED TV. All are paid except for the Smart LED TV that we availed through a 12-month installment plan. I think in 2014 we had a better management of our money and expenses but like what I have said we can still do more because of the lessons we have learned from the previous years.

Also, in the last quarter of 2014 we started to invest in the stock market. It was one of the big decision we had made last year. We are still new and learning the art of investing and we are positive this will benefit us in the future. Our next target is to invest in mutual funds. We are still studying what bank to invest with and hopefully we can do it this first quarter.

Have a family reunion.

I missed my siblings terribly and I will not let this year pass without having a reunion with all of them. Since I am the one with more means to spend, I need to save for that :)

More time for my own family.

Because we have been so busy last year, I can count the times when our son, daddy and I had a true bonding time together. Our son is growing so fast that I am afraid one day he already have his own world. That's why I should not missed these days when he still depends on us. I will give him more time to teach him, play, cuddle, eat, laugh with him, and anything we can do together.

For Daddy naman. Even if we are together everyday, we seldom have quality time together. We always celebrate special occasions like our anniversary and even Valentines day at home with our family. Though celebrating at home with our family makes us happy, we still need sometimes alone together. How about a trip out of town Daddy? Let's do it when Matt is on vacation with his lolo and lola, haha!

More love and patience for my mother.

Last year, I became very emotional because of my mother's not so good condition. I am praying hard for her and for more patience. It's not easy seeing her in this condition right now. She needs more love, comfort, patience and understanding from us.

Slow down with crocheting.

Though our crocheting business is very profitable for us, it's very time consuming. It came to a point that it's becoming our top priority just to meet deadlines. So I told Daddy this year we should set limit with the number of orders we can accept. It's tempting kasi to accept orders but it should not be beyond our capabilities, especially because we have full time works as well. Crocheting is our discovered passion (with profit) so we must enjoy doing it without any pressure.

Add more products to Momaye's Shoppe.

Momaye's Shoppe will turn 3 this year and I can say it becomes our regular source of extra income. So this year since we plan to slow down with crocheting, we plan to add more products to our online shop. This way we can compensate with the possible loss income from crocheting.

Have more time to blog.

I have so many plans when it comes to this blog and our other blogs. But my available time limit me to do so. This year, I'll dedicate time to blog so I can do the my planned changes and improvement.

Share more blogger opportunities, free events and giveaways.

Yes, let's claim it! More blogger opportunities to be shared, and giveaways as well. Joining free blogger events can increase our blog stats so expect frequent blogger events post on this blog this year.

A better me.

This year I commit to lose weight and eat healthy. It's not just to look good but to feel good as well. I had so many failed diet and health plans in the previous years. It's because of my excuse that I have no time. But this year we will do it slowly but surely. Aside from losing weight, I commit to take care of my skin because I am not getting younger, haha. Seriously, I am a late bloomer when it comes with beauty products but better late than never that's why I am starting to invest on it. That is aside from the DIY homemade beauty products we are using.

Yay! I have listed so much yata. But it's a challenge to myself and like what I have said , I am very positive that I can do it. Aja!

And yes, weekend is here! Happy weekend!

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