Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend Overload + Our Son's Savings

Hi Guys! How's your week going? Yesterday, it's just the beginning of the week but tomorrow, mid-week. How was that?

Anyway, it's been awhile since I posted about our weekend. Actually, there's nothing much but I just want to share it anyway.

Let's start with our not so busy Saturday night.

Yeah, we are working even on weekends. Daddy is crocheting and I'm cutting the felt cloth letters, while we are watching TV. Can't help it, lol. But once our son make lambing, we can't say no naman. Just like when he asked Daddy to read the "3 Little Pigs" for him. Daddy was obliged, hehe.

Just look at what we have finished that night.

We are trying our best to do what we can on Saturday night so Sunday is real free for us. The next day, we woke up a little bit late. Daddy said they will count the coins Matthew had saved from last year.

Matthew was so happy counting all the coins - 5, 10 and 25 cents, and 1, 5 and 10-peso coins.  All in all he saved 843 pesos.

After eating breakfast, we all prepare for our Sunday family day. Oopppss, selfie muna. Lol!

Our first stop is always Church. Unfortunately, we failed to catch the last mass so I really feel bad. Next time, we should wake up early talaga.

Anyway, Matthew had been bugging us to go to World of Fun. But before that, they went first to BDO  bank to deposit the coins he had saved plus the money I have already save for him from the reverse 52-week money challenge. These will be used to fund the In-Trust-For (ITF) account that we will open for him. This is just one way to encourage him to saveOur little boy will be a young stock investor soon. 

And because he did a great job in school and on saving, we let him play at World of Fun. He had a blast playing basketball and bowling. He also rode the train he calls Thomas. And did you know what he's been telling me the night after that? "Mommy, ang saya saya po sa World of Fun ano po?"  #simplejoy

After eating our lunch, we went home and do our business as usual. Oh, another selfie up there. This time with Nanay and Tita Rona.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.
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