Saturday, September 19, 2015

Effortless Shopping at Lazada: Huggies Diaper On Sale

Before anything else, I still promote the use of cloth diaper. In fact I have influenced many of my friends to use cloth diaper. My sister to use cloth diaper on her babies and she's using the same cloth diaper I used with our son. Cloth diaper is very cost effective.

But I know disposable diapers are of great convenience to us mommies. While cloth diaper can give us great savings, there are times that disposable diapers can save our day. Like during rainy days and Mr. Sun is so shy to come out, your hanging cloth diaper and insert won't dry fast. Also, during long trips and on those nights you just want to sleep (when you have a little one), disposable diapers is a good option. 

My sister also use disposable diapers on her little boy when she can't use cloth diaper. Branded cloth diapers are pricey right? So when I told her I saw Huggies diaper is on sale at, she was delighted. She asked me to order for her once her husband get his salary. Also, the other day, my kumare asked me to order for her and her order was delivered tonight. So fast right?

Huggies diaper on sale at

That's what I really like about Lazada. We always have a smooth and fast transaction. Very convenient and truly an effortless shopping.

By the way, I shopped through Shopback so I got a cashback of 50.80 pesos from my total purchase of 552.50 pesos (5 packs of Huggies diaper, small 24's). You too can get a cashback when you shop at Lazada, Zalora and other online shopping sites through Shopback. If you don't have a Shopback account yet, just click this link:

Hurry because Huggies diapers are selling like pancakes! The last time I checked, small sizes are already out of stock.

Happy weekend shopping everyone!
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