Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Best Art Lessons on the Earth at ArtSquish

Our son Matthew loves to draw. Instead of watching TV or using a tablet, he will draw and draw. Nothing can stop him from drawing and in fact he can used up a whole new set of colors in just few days.

Superheroes, particularly Spiderman and Iron Man, are his favorites to draw. 

He likes to draw cars too. He's really into arts. His drawings are everywhere so I decided to make a corner for all his art works.
Recently, he is asking me how to draw mountains, trees, fishes, butterflies and so on. I am glad that he's also now interested in drawing these kind of things.When I was young, I used to draw trees, house, rice fields, mountains and sky. Unfortunately now, I don't know how to draw. Maybe that's the effect of having a more technical mind, haha! Good thing I came across this art site.

ArtSquish is a very useful site for Art Educators like K-12 teachers and homeschooling parents. ArtSquish has two sections - the Juicebar, which offers tips, tricks and techniques on how to teach  on how to teach arts; and the Subscriber, which is the art class revolution with weekly lessons, a teaching system and classroom. 

You can subscribe for free to access the Juicebar section, or sign up for only $16 to access the ArtSquish reaching system. With ArtSquish teaching system, there will be two class sessions every week for each grade. This subscription is great for teachers and parents like me with kids who love to draw.

I waste no time and subscribe with the ArtSquish teaching system. I showed the site to my son and he immediately get his pencil, crayon and paper. Look how excited he was.

Under the subscription, you can have access to "how to" articles. Very helpful for teachers and homeschooling parents, to make classroom posters, handouts, graphics as well as training videos.

Anyway, going back to my son. We did tried to one of the lessons: Stars and Butterflies. Look what we have finished.

Not bad for a first timer mom and a 5-year old right? I am so excited to try more of the lessons, but my son is more excited that he asked me to buy more crayons and papers, haha!

To sign up, click here:

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