Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Home Bathroom Design Ideas

Almost seven years ago, we moved in to our newly built house. That's after we got married on the same year. I can't believe seven years have already passed and that two years from now, our house will be fully paid. Yey! Finally, we can save more for some other things like our son's education and a house renovation.

Although our house isn't that old looking yet, there are some parts that I want to undergo renovation. The plan is 1-2 years after our house is fully paid, we will have a house renovation. That will give us more time to plan and save. We want an all-in-one renovation so all the parts of the house that we want to remodel will be covered. It’s difficult to stop in the middle of the construction because you run out of fund, right?

But I am so excited that I am thinking what major changes we will make. The very first part of the house that I really want to remodel is our bathroom. Let me show you our current bathroom/comfort room.

I find our bathroom really small. I want a bigger one with a bathtub. Having a bathtub inside the bathroom is one of my childhood dreams :) Three years or so will pass by quickly so as early as now, I am already looking for bathroom design ideas with contemporary tub, of course. So let me share my top picks for home bathroom design ideas.


I super like this design. If only I have a big bathroom that can connect to a lanai, I will choose this design. The built-in square bathtub is large and very spacious. The three of us can fit in like in a small pool.  Just look how elegant it can be too with this design.


Again, if the space is not limited, I like this square tub in my bathroom. Anyway, I also like this bathroom design with a triangular built-in bathtub. 


The bathtub is almost a heart shape. This is perfect for couples, especially during intimate nights, haha! And what about a bathroom design with freestanding bathtubs Canada? The freestanding bathtub can be put in the center just like this.


Here's another bathroom design with a freestanding bathtub placed against the wall.


With the above design, you may choose a bright color to make the bathroom lively. Oh, look at this one, so nice right?


Just change the tiles to off white or gray and it is perfect! Oh my, I can’t wait for the time we can have a bathroom renovation. But wait, I think I find a design that can fit in to our current bathroom area. Look down please!

With a corner bathtub, I can save space. I also love the color scheme. This is perfect for some relaxation like this.

Now, I'm starting to count the days. I am hopeful we can have our house renovation soon after the house is fully paid. I also want to renovate the kitchen since Daddy loves to cook. Also the rooms, particularly my son’s room. By then he might want to sleep in his room.

That’s for now. Next time, I’ll share kitchen design ideas. Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!
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