Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thank You Easy Soft!

I am one happy mommy! Easy Soft send over two lovely shoes!

Easy Soft Diva Black and Darcy shoes
These kind of shoes are just what I need for the kind of work place that we have. Very durable and comfortable on my feet. Easy Soft shoes also protect my feet from getting wet during rainy days.

By the way, when Matthew saw these two pairs of shoes, he got upset. He's looking for his new pair of shoes too. He's asking me why they don't sent him a new pair of shoes. I just told him we will look for another Easy Soft shoes that can fit his feet. I'm glad he stopped bugging me. Hehe!

Oh well, let me show you my new Easy Soft Diva Black shoes.

Easy Soft Diva Black shoes
I was surprised that this pair of shoes is just soft on feet. I don't need to wear foot socks. This is best for long walk or shopping. No sore feet, promise!

Easy Soft Diva Black shoes
While I already blogged about my Darcy shoes, which I always wear to work.

Easy Soft Darcy shoes
Easy Soft Darcy and Diva Black shoes is only 349.75 pesos per pair. Very affordable right?

Now, here's the newest from Easy Soft by World Balance.

Easy Soft TEXAS mid-cut chukka boots
Yes, it's the Easy Soft TEXAS mid-cut chukka boots, now available at any World Balance boutiques and outlets nationwide for 425 pesos only. Daddy will love this, I bet! 

For more details, please visit Easy Soft fan page on Facebook.
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