Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekends at Home + #Aldub + #OTWOL

For almost 2 months now, we are spending our weekends at home. That's because our new house help takes her rest day on weekends and Nanay can not always go out with us. The ending is, we are always under house arrest. Okay lang naman kasi nakakatipid, hehe.

Spending weekends at home gives us time to have a little rest since we only have a one-day rest day. But since we are not used to just sleeping or being a couch potato, we ended up cleaning and organizing, and fixing things at home that needs to be fixed. The best thing about spending weekends at home is to spend time with the family and watching our favorite shows like #AlDub and On the Wings of Love #OTWOL.

Just like last Saturday. We watched #‎ALDubEBforLOVE‬. Even if we are not a big fan, we were very affected and kilig, haha!

My little boy did the Pabebe Wave again. So cute :)

I wanted to do the Pabebe Wave too but opted not too, haha!

But look who's kinikilig too. 

Then on Sunday, after finishing all the house chores, we will watch "On the Wings of Love". We also love this series but since it's airing is a bit late every week days, Daddy make a way so we can watch all its episodes. Yey!

As you can see, Daddy and I were still busy. He's repairing and sewing some of clothes, while I do blogging. Speaking of blogging, I am happy because blog opportunities keep on coming. If these offers will continuously come, I really needed to have a work space at home. I would prefer a good table with 5 foot drawer slides so it will be easier for me to type on my laptop while doing other things like crochet. Also, I badly need my own laptop. Daddy, please read this, haha!

So that's our weekends at home. How's your weekend?
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