Friday, September 25, 2015

Must Have Wellness Equipment and Workout Gear at S&R

On our way to Subic last yesterday, we passed through this S&R branch in San Fernando, Pampanga. 

I think this is the nearest S&R to us. Although when we get a chance to go to the metro, we never fail to visit the S&R branch at Congressional. Daddy and I love S&R because we can find local and imported products at S&R that are not available at other groceries and supermarkets. Moreover, S&R has great deals that are hard to resist :)

For this September, S&R is having their Healthy Deals on Wellness Equipment and Workout Gear. Just in time because we are looking for fitness and wellness equipment we needed. You know for months now, Daddy and I are struggling to lose excess weight. Struggling it is because after losing about 7-8 pounds, we are stuck on our current weight now. We are still very far from of target weight. Blame it to Daddy's delicious dishes and baking sweets, haha!

Now, we needed to add daily exercise to go beyond what they call weight loss plateau. Weight loss plateau is when after weeks that your weight loss program was taking the pounds off, then, suddenly, the scales won't budge another pound. It’s a normal thing but we needed not just eating moderation but also exercise so we can go beyond this stage. That’s why we are planning to add daily exercise, however, time is always a constraint. So Daddy and I agreed to look for affordable and good quality must have wellness equipment at home. Call it destiny or fate, just what I have said, S&R is having their Healthy Deals on Wellness Equipment and Workout Gear. Look at this Walk Fit Treadmill 97530.

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Amazing deal it is! From P27,449.95, it's now P23,299.95. It's P4150.00 savings.

Another must have wellness equipment are these Twist Stepper and SJ- 0019 Bench.

Daddy will surely love these two, as much as the treadmill. Having a treadmill at home is on the top list of our home must have wellness equipment. Working out at home will definitely save us time. I am sure our little boy will join us too. And that Daddy will make a space to have these must have wellness equipment fit our home sweet home.

For work out gears, this yoga mat is a great steal at P434.95 

I have been looking for a yoga mat for so long. I saw one online but since Daddy is concerned at quality, he said we will look at physical store na lang daw. The perfect push up is another must have workout gear too for Daddy. Push up is part of his exercise kasi so he will definitely include this on our must have list. Maitry nga din ang push up, hehe!

All these amazing great deals you can find at S&R. That’s why I always love going to S&R whenever I get a chance. Oopps… I forgot to mention, I love S&R New York Style Pizza! Don't you? #loveSnR
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