Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Inaanaks

It's 83 days to go before Christmas. As early as now, we are already making a Christmas gift list. Aside from family and friends, we have I think over 20 inaanaks (Godchildren). That's why we are already thinking what to give each one of them whose age ranges from 4 to 17 years old. 

With this, let me share the 5 Christmas gift ideas for inaanaks.

1. Cartoon Character Toys

If your inaanak is below 5 years old, this is the most practical gift. You can ask your kumare or kumpare who are their kids favorite cartoon characters and that's it. Your inaanak will surely love it.

2. Books and  Educational Toys

Educational toys is best for pre-schoolers. I know most moms will love to receive educational toys like puzzles ans speller for their kids that can enhance their brains. Books are also great gift for kids who are learning how to read to encourage them to read more.

3. Stuffed Toys and Pillow

For toddlers and babies, you can buy stuffed toys like Mickey Mouse or pillow. Again, you may ask their moms and dads who are their favorite cartoon character so your inaanak can appreciate the gift more.

4. Hair Accessories or Hat

Hair accessories for little girls and hats for boys are also great gifts to your inaanaks. Look how cute they can be.

5. Gift Certificate

If you can not personally buy gifts then why not give your inaanaks gift certificates? This will save your time and sanity, hehe.

Those are the 5 Christmas gift ideas for your inaanaks. However, when your inaanaks are mostly tweens or teens, the above gifts, except gift certificate, may not be applicable. I have 2 inaanaks on their tweens, a girl and a boy. For the boy, I am thinking of giving him a guitar like a gibson es 335.

I am sure he will definitely like it because I have learned from his mom that he's into music. For the tween girl, I am still thinking of what to give her and I have yet to speak to her mom. I really suggest you ask the parents what their kids interests. It will help a lot in deciding what gift to buy.

Have a happy weekend everyone!
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