Friday, October 23, 2015

Today I am... Thankful and Hopeful

Thank God it's Friday! I missed posting about how my week went. I have been very busy lately. Busy with my work, with the household chores, with teaching Matthew and with my blogs. Yes busy with my blogs, but it's ironic for I have fewer posts now, haha!

Let me just share that two weeks ago, I received an offer for a work at home job.  The pay is not that much but I can do it side by side with my current job. But for me, salary is just one thing, it's more of the experience that makes me really want to accept this job offer. It should have been the job I am waiting for a long time but, I turned it down for some personal seasons.

I believe God has a better plan and if this job is meant for me, it will be mine sa tamang panahon just like Lola Nidora always say :) There's so much to be thankful about.

I am thankful that he spare us and our family in Nueva Ecija when typhoon Lando hit the province. 

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The devastation after the typhoon Lando left the province is really heartbreaking. Many houses were wrecked, even buildings and hospitals are not spared. Uprooted trees and toppled posts, and floods are everywhere. And worst, rice fields are like sea of water. The typhoon left almost nothing of the rice which are about to harvest. Most parts of the province have no electricity until now. But still, I am hopeful and so are the Novo Ecijanos as well as the people of other provinces hit by typhoon Lando, that they can stand up again and God will guide them to start anew.

I am also thankful that despite a busy mommy, I have a little boy who never fail to amaze me with his creativity.

He can draw well for his age. He loves to draw, who else, but Spidey or Iron Man. He likes to paint too.

When typhoon Lando was hitting Luzon, he drew a rainbow so the rain will stop daw.

I am thankful that even at his young age, he knows how to study hard. He can write and read well too.

This little boy has tons of questions and never run out of it. He can be annoying, loving and cute all at the same time. Nauubusan man kami nag pasensya ng Daddy nya  madalas, still he is the source of our strength and happiness.

I am thankful also for my Nanay. Although, it's really painful knowing I can not change the fact that she has this incurable disease. I am still trying and learning to accept things. I always pray to God to let her live with us for more years even if she can not remember who I am. Because having her beside me keeps me hopeful that God can do miracle and one day, he will call me anak  again.

I am thankful to Daddy A. He's always there to love, understand and protect us. And he never fail to keep our tummy full with his yummy recipe.

Above all, I thank God for all the blessings and learning that He's giving us. I accept everything He will give us, good or bad. Because being happy and experiencing pain, makes me a stronger person.

Let me end this post with this quote. Happy weekend!

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