Monday, October 26, 2015

Matthew's Reward + Thomas & Friends and Hello Kitty Inside McDonald's Happy Meal

Look guys! Matthew maintain his spot on the Prep top 5 list. #proudmommy

Although, he has a little lower average now because he got a little lower scores in his 2nd periodical exams, I am very happy that he still make it to the top 5. I must admit that during his first year in school, I expected too much from him. I later on realized, why do I need to pressure him to be on top when I can see he's learning so much. What is important is that he is enjoying and loving schooling. But I always make him understand that he needs to study well because that's for his future.

Thank God our little boy understand and one of our conversations can prove that.

Matthew: Mommy, dati po ba wala kayong pambili ng cellphone?
Mommy: Oo anak, kaya mag-aral ka mabuti.

Then there's silence but the little boy doesn't love being quiet.

Matthew: A kaya po pala nakabili kayo ng mga gamit kasi nag-aral kayo mabuti.
Mommy: Oo anak, para magkawork ka ng maganda.
Matthew: Opo Mommy. Paglaki ko ako na magppapatayo ng bahay natin. Mas malaki dito sa bahay natin.

Ang sarap pakinggan di ba? If you speak to our boy, you will agree with me that he speaks like an adult.

Anyway, because he did a good job, he deserves a treat! Good thing Thomas & Friends is the free toy inside McDonald's Happy Meal.

Thomas & Friends and Hello Kitty Inside McDonald's Happy Meal
Of course, the little boy was so happy when he saw I am carrying a McDonald's Happy Meal box. Just look at that smile.

Daddy helped him put the stickers on. Matthew was so excited.

Finally, our happy son with his new Thomas & Friends toy.

I think this is his new favorite toy because he holds it even while sleeping.

McDonald's Happy Meal never fail to make a kid happy. By the way, Hello Kitty toys are also available.

Collect all 8 Happy Meal toys. For more details, you can visit McDonald's Facebook page.
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