Thursday, October 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Matthew Andrei + Nutri10 Plus Syrup + Ceelin Chewables

This is Matthew Andrei a year ago.

And this is him now.

He weighs around 25 kgs now as compared to his weight last year which is around 17-18 kgs. I don't want him naman to be super fat but I like his built now. Ang sarap kagatin, haha!

He's never a picky eater but compared last year mas magana talaga sya kumain ngayon. He basically eats anything kahit vegetables pa. That's when he started to take in Nutri10 Plus Syrup

Nutri10 Plus Syrup and Ceelin Chewables, these two are the reasons why Matthew is healthy and malayo sa sakit. He never had a fever since he started taking these two (pwera usog). Although, he's taking in Ceelin drops/syrup since he's baby, Ceelin Chewables naman ngayon kasi big boy na sya.

Also, it helps that his two molar teeth had dental fillings. When that two teeth broke, he doesn't want to eat pork and chicken meat because the meat strips get into his teeth. Maybe it hurts or he's uncomfortable to chew that's why. Mommies, that's one of the effects when your kids have cavities and broken teeth. They will not eat well, lost their appetite and will loss weight.

That's why when one his molar tooth's filling got removed we had immediate dental appointment. I thought the dentist will extract that tooth already but she just re-fill it again. She doesn't want to extract it daw because his bagang will lose support especially when the permanent teeth come out. Also, she told us that Matthew's teeth has a good spacing and has less possibility to have sungki. I really like his dentist because she explains all the procedure well. Before I wonder why Matthew's teeth is layo-layo, tama lang pala because the permanent teeth daw is almost 2x larger than the milk teeth. 

O di ba? Another learning for a first time mom like me :)

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