Friday, October 30, 2015

Gift Ideas for Men

"It's that time of year when good friends are dear, and you wish you could give more, than just presents from the store...."

Heard that over the radio just now. One day more, October is over. It's November then December, then Christmas is here. So fast!

Now, I am panicking because my Christmas gift list is not yet completed. Seriously, I need to be serious with finishing my list if I want to avoid the Christmas rush. I already started with the list of my inaanaks. Then next is the list of my friends and relatives. But before anyone else, I should think of what useful gift I can give Daddy this Christmas.  It's always hard to choose gifts for men right?

With that, let me list down some useful gifts for men.

1. Gadgets

If your budget permits, gadgets like cellphone, digital camera and laptop are one of the easiest useful gifts for men. Surely, they will like a new gadget especially if their current gadgets are not working well already.

2. Tools

Daddy is eyeing a power drill set since last year. But I told him to wait so that's another option for me. If your husband or father likes making DIYs or like doing carpentry works at home, you can give him a carpenter tool set. Or if he has a car you can give him a mechanical tool set naman.

photo source
3. Clothes and Shoes

Another easy but very useful gift is clothes or shoes. Make sure to choose the comfortable clothes or pair of shoes. Also know what type or colors of clothes they like to wear.

Daddy is eyeing this Easy SofTEXAS chukka boots. Maybe I should start looking for it since it's very affordable :)

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Aside from clothes and shoes, a hat like this black fedora is a great addition to your man's fashion style.
photo source

4. Books

Some men like reading books. Again, just make sure you know what types of books they like to read. In case of Daddy, since he loves to cook I will give him a cook book.

photo source
5. Jewelry or Watch

Most of the men I know doesn't wear jewelry other than their wedding rings. Most of them like wearing watches. But I think they will also appreciate a jewelry gift like personalized necklace or bracelet or ring.

I like this watch from Joy Jewelers denver broncos jewelry for Daddy.

Or a personalized college ring like this. I know Daddy has been dreaming having a college ring, hehe.

6. An Adventure Trip

Most men loves adventure so why not give him an adventure trip. I wonder if Daddy will like to do mountain hiking or surfing, haha!

photo source
Or why not a family adventure trip to Disney Land? That would be great but I have yet to save for that, maybe next Christmas.

Those are some gift ideas for men. I hope that helps because I know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for the men of life.
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