Saturday, October 10, 2015

MMA 12th Foundation Day

Last October 5, Matthew's school, Mary Mount Academy, celebrated their 12th Foundation Day. Matthew had a dance presentation that's why we took the half day off.

For this year, the theme is "It's fun! It's Fitness! It's Zumba Kids". They also assigned color code per section. For prep and kinder, it's red and white. Here's our little boy posing before the program start.

The little kids got so hyper while waiting for the program to start.

Finally the program started. Every grade level had their zumba dance presentation. The first group to present was Kinder-Prep kids. Dancing to the tune of "I really really like you", look how cute they are.

Kahit hindi sabay-sabay for me their dance presentation is the best. Just a proud mom here, haha! Anyway, Daddy uploaded the video here:

Other grade levels showed their zumba dance moves too.

Also, some mommies showed their dancing prowess too.

Aside from the dance contest, the program includes the search for Little Ms. and Mr. and Ms. and Mr. Mary Mount.

When the winners of the dance contest were announced the Kinder-Prep kids were so happy even if they only got the last place in their level.

Good that the school gave trophies to all and I liked that they made the kids feel they are all winners. Just look at our Matthew here.

It was indeed a fun day. It's really good to have such activities once in awhile. This event shouldn't be missed out because this is one way of showing our kids our love and support to boost their confidence.

By the way, the school also had their Parents' Day. Daddy attended and they had so much fun. I wished I was there too but I can't take a leave from work anymore. Daddy will surely blog about it.

Have a happy weekend everyone!
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