Monday, October 12, 2015

My Christmas Wishlist #1: Home Stuff @ #loveSnR

It's 74 days  to go before Christmas. Yay! I remember I just wrote 83 more days left before Christmas here. Time flies so fast. Before we knew it, it's Christmas already. With that, I need to make an early Christmas wish list.

Every year, Daddy and I plan the things we buy especially with our Christmas bonus. After saving enough, we then proceed things we need at home then the things we want. We set a certain budget but sometimes, we tend to exceed that budget. It’s okay as long as we will not get the excess from our savings. Anyway, we deserve some reward after a year of hard work.

Now, going back to my Christmas wish list #1. We are planning to make a little home make over before the year ends. That will include re-painting and changing some our old home stuff. So my Christmas wish list # includes home stuff and essentials. If last year, we bought a newTV, TV stand and a dining table, this year, I am thinking of buying a new sofa set. But wait, that is after the home make over so Daddy please relax, haha!

Speaking of home stuff and essentials, you can always find good quality and affordable one at S&R. You know, there are so much inside S&R that when I am there I was like hilong trumpo sa kakaikot. Promise, at S&R, it’s like you want to buy everything.

If last month, S&R had their Healthy Deals on Wellness Equipment and Workout Gear, this October the deals will be centered on Home Essentials. That includes furniture, bed and bath basics, kitchen basics and their Halloween treats like chocolates, wine and pasta too.

For furniture, if only I have this budget I will buy this Sunbrella 4-pc Woven Sofa Set, which on sale at P144.999.95. 

Lovely set right? So if you have the budget grab it na guys. If I can't afford to buy the sofa set then I'll just include the Safdie Stids Throw Pillows at P549.95 and the Artiva Antique Table Lamp at P3,799.95 each, in my wish list.

Also, there are great deals on buffet servers, which are included in my Christmas wish list #1 too.

I am sure, Daddy will agree with me. We need these buffer servers, especially that we love to cook and throw parties at home. I particularly like the 5-Section Round Buffet Server and the 4-Section Buffet Server, at  discounted prices of  P899.95 only P499.95, respectively.

You can find good deals on bed and bath basics as well. Pillow cases are also on my Christmas wish list #1. Deluxe Hotel 400t Pillow Case is only P99.95 for two pieces already. Also, I will include the Trinity Briganity Bath Rugs each at P359.95 only, and the Gracious Paxton Bath Rug at P399.95 for two pieces na.

There you go. That's my My Christmas Wishlist #1: Home Stuff @ #loveSnR. Can't wait to buy these all. I bet there are more home stuff on great deals at S&R like chocolates for trick or treat. Truly, there are so many many many reasons not to #loveSnR. Because every visit at S&R is always a happy and great one.

I would love to hear your happy visit at S&R too. What’s your favorite home stuff by the way?

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