Friday, March 1, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Oh I am always telling you how I love Sundays. This is our family day so I make sure we spend the quality time together.

One Sunday, I start the day by cleaning our room while my son is still sleeping.

I carefully wipe the dusts and sweep the floor but I think it's not enough so I get Daddy's vacuum cleaner. I turn it on, and oh my! Its loud sound wake up my son and he cries out loud. I forgot that he is afraid of loud sounds. 

Then I remember what I have read in Topaz Mommy. If only I have read it before Daddy bought his vacuum cleaner then I would have not disturb my sleeping baby.

Ultrasilencer Green Vacuum
With this Ultrasilencer Green Vacuum I am quite sure my son's sleep will never be disturb again.

So the little boy is awake and we eat our breakfast. Look how cute Daddy and my little boy here.

As the saying goes, "Like father, like son", truly they adore each other.

After eating our breakfast, we took a bath and prepare to go to Church to hear a mass. Since, we have lots of MTOs to finish we decide to go back at home immediately after the mass.

As I am crocheting booties, I saw my son running towards me and seemed so terrified.

Mommy: Matt, why?.
Matt: Takot si Mamatt.

He points to our kitchen. Daddy is there using our blender. It was so loud as if someone is using a chain saw. Hehe. My son can not stand the loud sound the blender is producing so I just hugged him and cover his ears. After awhile, Daddy came to us and give us this.

A buko shake and I love shake, especially Mango shake. But I always pity my son when Daddy is using our blender. It would have been better if we have this instead.

Powermix Silent Blender
I love how this Powermix Silent Blender looks and just like the vacuum cleaner above you can work with it quietly. You will see this icon.

The Ultrasilencer Green Vacuum and the Powermix Silent Blender will definitely save our weekend. We can definitely have a quiet and relaxing Sunday. You can visit Electrolux Philippines Official Website for more details, and Electrolux Philippines Twitter for regular updates.

That's how we spend Sundays at home, and I always love it . How about yours?
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