Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photostory: Imitating His Self

What he's doing? He's identifying the colors. 

Can you see his phone? He is watching his old videos while I am teaching him ABC's, 123, shapes and colors.

Just last night when I am busy crocheting, he's lying beside me and busy playing with his phone. Suddenly, he went to the wall.

Matt: Okay game!
Phone: Okay game na.

That's my voice. I just let him do what he wants to do. He's reciting the ABC and would ask me to repeat after him. He will get mad when I will not repeat what he just say.

The world just turn upside down. Haha...

Then came the color part.

Matt: (pointing to color violet) Red. Hmmm, No! V-I-O-LET!

Daddy and I were really laughing out loud. The "hmmm, no" part is what I told him when he said red while I pointed to the violet color.

Hay, Matt never fail to amaze us. He's growing fast and smart.

And because it's the last day of work, I will be offline starting tomorrow. But our Daily inspirations will still be up.

Have a Blessed Holy Week everyone!
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