Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photostory: AIP Online Surveys Philippines

I thought AIP Online Surveys Philippines is just a scam because I just got tired up and fed up with their reasons why I haven't received by Sudexo GC redemption. I redeemed my EPoints for 2 250-Sudexo GC last May and October 2012. Tagal no?

Then when I got home from work a week ago, I have seen a letter from AIP containing these GCs. 

The two 250 Sudexo GCs are for Daddy and only one was sent to me. So they still owe me one 250 Sudexo GC.

If you want to answer surveys and earn EPoints convertible to Sudexo GCs just send your name and email address here:

It is still better late than never =)
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