Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Love Sundays: Basketball Sunday

My "I Love Sundays" series is temporarily stop since I am too busy to take photos during Sundays. But last Sunday, it's late I know =), I got a chance to take lots of photos. So be ready because it will be a photo bomb!

We usually start the day with a breakfast, but Daddy told me he will clean his car first. Scarlet badly needed a wash already. Upon hearing that, Matt hurriedly followed his Dad.

The father and son tandem, washing Scarlet.

He even got a brush there!

I have to grab Matt because he is already soaking wet and it's still too early for a bath.  I changed his pajamas and while waiting for Daddy to finish, I prepare this yummy breakfast.

Ginisang kamatis na may itlog (saute tomato with egg), tuyo (dried fish), Pork Pata and Tokwa with Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce and fried rice
After breakfast, we prepare to go to Church. As usual, Matt is over excited to go out and ride the car.

We supposed to meet up with a customer after the mass. But the customer didn't reply to my text messages. She set the date but she's no show. Galing no? Next time, I will just be careful in dealing with people through text messages only. Imagine she don't even bother to text me that she's not going, even until now. Some people just don't value other people's time. 

Anyway, I don't allow that thing to ruin my happy day. So we just went to the grocery to buy pork and chicken meats, then Daddy went to the wet market to buy fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.

Then we went straight to home. Daddy cooked ginisang mais (saute corn) for lunch. After eating lunch, I asked Matt if he wants to sleep. He said yes and we went inside his bedroom. But he just listen to his favorite "Please be careful with my heart" song. He listens over and over and again. He even command me to sing it. Making him to sleep is a big fail so Tita comes in. 

I went to our balcony to crochet. Daddy, on the other hand, is cooking bibingkang galapong. It was not a total success but it taste good. Hehe.

Thank goodness, Matt finally fell asleep. I promise him we will go to the clubhouse when he woke up. I crochet, crochet, crochet and crochet. Haha.

When Matt woke up, he didn't forget what I told him. So I asked Daddy to accompany us. Matt brought his ball with him and they play basketball.




Seeing Matt so happy is priceless. You can see how proud he is playing with his Daddy. 

So that's our Sunday. Tomorrow is another Sunday and I love it!

Enjoy your weekend!
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