Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photostory: He loves to help

Matt really loves to help us. He would always follow us around and gladly say "Ako na, si Mamatt na." (I will, Matt will do it)

He will even scratch my back when he saw or heard me saying my back is itchy. He will happily massage his Daddy's head when Daddy say "Sakit ng ulo ni Daddy." (Daddy's head is aching) I also post a photo of him massaging Nanay's hands.

Last night, he was running after his Tita. I heard him saying "tutulungan kita Tita ha." (I'll help you Tita). I followed him to his Tita's room, and saw him doing this.

I also hear Tita saying "Wag mo hilahin ha, un turo ko sa 'yo gawin mo." (Don't pull it, do what I taught you)

He's helping his Tita folding our clothes. So sipag!

That's my boy =)
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