Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Photostory: Daddy Allan's Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Daddy Allan's birthday. I wrote about it here. I actually have a surprise for him there but he failed to read it yesterday. So I told him that the deal is expired and over. Haha. 

A birthday is never complete without a simple celebration so as usual I cooked my famous spaghetti, and Daddy's chicken wings + gravy and cheese stick, yes he still cooked on his big day. He also made watermelon shake.

As for our deal yesterday, I will think about it again, hehe. I keep on saying that he must read my post but he never listen so that's what he gets. Haha. I have still until Sunday to think about it again. So Daddy please be kind okay?

Happy birthday again Daddy! I love you and Matt loves you too Sir Chief!
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