Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Inspiration: You Are Allowed

Good morning everyone! I feel so refresh now. I have slept for more than 8 hours and this is the first time since we started to make crochet MTOs. Thanks to my little son. I am making him fall asleep first so he will not be puyat too, but I am the one who first fell as asleep, hehe. So now, I feel brand new. #exaggeratedlang

Anyway, let's move to our Daily Inspiration today.
Source: 22 Motivational Picture Quotes To Unleash Your Full Potential
Yes, we are allowed. There's no restriction in reaching our dreams. We can fail, we can do what we want. There's no harm in trying, just go! And always remember to give thanks and phrases to God for whatever that's happening to us. He knows what's best for us, after all.

Happy Tuesday!
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