Daily Inspiration: A Parent's Prayer

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good morning! It's Thursday already but still so many things to accomplish.And it seems tasks never stop to come, which means blessings keep on pouring. Thank God!

Here's a Parent's Prayer I want to share with you, even if you are not yet one.
A Parent's Prayer via Facebook
Every night I pray for my family's safety and good health. I pray that may God keep us away from troubles, accidents and keep our body healthy. I pray for my son who is always high energy that he maybe safe from any harm and that he will never get sick because that makes me really crazy. And I pray that my mother will live and stay with us longer. May God heal her because I missed seeing her strong.

I don't pray much about material things for I know they are easy to come and go. But my family are there to stay no matter what will happen.

So what are you praying for?

Have a great Thursday.