Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Fruitful, Rainy Holiday

Yesterday was a holiday. We just stayed at home because it's still raining non-stop. Even if it's a no work day, Daddy and I do need to finish orders. So please allow me to share our fruitful, rainy holiday.

We started the day with a yummy breakfast cooked by Daddy Allan.

Yummy champorado

Then, we go on with crocheting. Look what we have finished.

Crochet doll booties

 I made those two booties, while Daddy made this white shell hat with detachable flowers.

 Crochet white shell hat with detachable flowers

This is naman the unfinished shell headband and flowers.

 Crochet white shell headband with detachable flowers

And here's the crochet Minion hat. Still unfinished but Matt like to wear it.

Crochet Minion hat

He is so cute wearing that hat. The hat should have two big eyes and it's earflaps with braided tassels. By the way, Daddy made that Minion hat while I crochet the headband and its flowers. The whole batch is still unfinished. We need to crochet 3 pairs of sandals and hopefully we can make it tonight.

Lastly, Daddy also cooked our yummy dinner.

Puto and pancit

Would you blame me if I love holidays and I love staying at home?

To end this post, here's Matt making drama.

Dramatic actor

He's really crying. I told him to cry more so I can take a photo and he did, hehe... Why he's crying? Because I put a blanket on him. He don't want me to do that.

Matt: Ayaw kukumutan ni Mommy. Itiklop mo Mommy!
Mommy: Ayoko nga, matutulog na nga tayo anak e.
Matt: Ayaw ayoko ni Mommy. Ayaw matulog ni Matt-matt.

Since he's emotional. I sing a song.

Mommy: This girl is on fire!!!!

Matt then sit down and with hands raise up...

Matt: This gurl is on fayong!!! Woooohhh!

Haha. Porke umuulan fayong na anak? 

That's it! OMG, it's raining again. Keep safe guys.
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