Thursday, August 1, 2013

The B.A.B. Get Rich & Natural Package from Mommy Practicality

Heto na guys! I am so excited to share with you what I have won from Mommy Practicality.

Here's the B.A.B. Get Rich & Natural Package:

1. Human Heart Nature Business Starter Kit.

Human Heart Nature Business Starter Kit
Like what I have already said, from day 1 of Momaye's Shoppe, I already planned to get Human Heart Nature business kit. But for no reason, I always fail to get it. That's why when I learned that I won this I am so happy. Up to now I feel so great because it's another blessing from God. Actually, I asked sis Louise (agad-agad) if I can place an order na since may mga napa-order na ako. She said, I need to wait for the ID. Haha! Excited much lang kasi.

2. Moringa O2 Gift Pack

Moringa O2 Gift Pack - Lotion, Herbal Toner and Soap
I already posted here that I am using the Moringa O2 Herbal Toner. That's why again, I am so happy that this gift pack is included in the natural package I won. I will definitely love to try the lotion and soap too.

3. Bamboo Dappy Cloth Pad

Bamboo Dappy Cloth Pad
As you all know I am promoting the use of cloth diaper ever since I have learned about it. Though, Matt is not using cloth diaper na. He was potty trained (even at night) earlier kasi and that's one of the advantages of using cloth diaper. That's why I always recommend using cloth diaper like Bamboo Dappy.

So I think now you understand why I am so happy and excited with this Natural Package. Oh by the way, this is the photo of Daddy Allan with no less than Mommy Louise, claiming my prize.

grabbed by Mommy Practicality FB page

Again thank you sis Louise for this package! Hope to meet you soon and may God bless you more =)


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