Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Little Rockstar

Do you remember this photo last Christmas?

Our Little Pianist
That's our Christmas gift for him. He was so excited to try it and even grabbed the mini microphone to sing while ticking the keys. 

Now, look at him.

My Little Rockstar

He truly loves musical instruments. He also has drum and trumpet toys that he also play with once in awhile. But I can say that violet guitar is his favorite right now. He even put it beside him while sleeping. It's the first and last thing he will hold.

We really can’t blame him to love musical instruments as most of his toys are either musical or educational. Though he does have cars too. We really focus on buying him toys that can develop his interests in arts, music and education. Who knows he might be a famous pianist or a rock star some day.  Did I already mention he can sing well for his age?

Anyway, for sure when he gets old and can buy on his own he will buy the real guitar and drums. Now, do I sound like an excited mom? Just one thing is for sure that for whatever he will become, me and his Daddy will love and support him.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 
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