Friday, August 16, 2013

I love August and Holidays!

I was missing in action yesterday. Why? Because it was a holiday here in Bulacan. I think it's the Foundation Day and August 15 was declared as one of the many provincial holidays in Bulacan. I love it!

August has 2 holidays plus the Eid-ul-Fitr last August 9. And here in Bulacan we have 2 more provincial holidays. I really love it!

Anyway, let me just share how our day went on yesterday. As usual, we woke up because of Matthew. He maybe thought it was a Sunday so he told us that we must get up and go to Church. Here's our just woke up photo so please excuse my face, hehe.

Matt kissing Mommy

I told you Matt loves to kiss. He will kiss everyone of us. He is such a darling and a hyperactive boy at the same time.

Then after our breakfast, here's my two boys doing their stuffs.

Matt and Daddy busy doing their stuffs

Daddy, obviously, is crocheting while Matt is solving Spongebob puzzle. At this point, the house is quiet since the little boy is busy with his business.

When the clock hits 10 in the morning, which by the way is so fast, I told Matt he will take his bath already and then sleep. As usual, it was a struggle since he is so playful and he keeps on laughing and screaming. At long last, I have him dressed and off to sleep. If you think that's the end of struggle, you are wrong. Because Matt keeps on talking and singing while laying down. Then I asked him to close his eyes...

Mommy: Close your eyes na anak...

He closed his eyes.

Mommy: Nakita mo ba si Twinkle at Owl?

He opened his eyes and told me...

Matt: Wala sa eyes ko si Twinkle at Owl Mommy
Mommy: Nasaan?
Matt: Andun sa tablet!

He's talking about the song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." 

Mommy: Okay close your eyes to see the fishes.
Matt: Wala din sa eyes ko un fishes.
Mommy: E nasaan?
Matt: Andun sa water.

Hahahaha... Paano ko ba ito mauuto? Oh well, after an hour, I successfully put him to sleep.

After lunch and after answering several inquiries, we went to SM Marilao to pay our water bill. Here's the little boy eating his ice cream. 

Matt enjoying his ice cream
When he saw that ice cream booth, he run to it and asked the lady to give him an ice cream, which daddy pay by the way =)

We go tech shops to look for desktop packages. We saw this all-in-one PC and I fell in love with it. BUT I think I have to save more for it and I hold back from charging it to Daddy's credit card.. It can still wait pa naman. We need to buy more important things like Daddy's bag and shoes, which are realy needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, Matt is not cooperating and he keeps on running around that I fear he may get lost or get into an accident. When we forbid him he will refuse to follow.

Mommy: Matt hawak ka kay Mommy at Daddy.
Matt: Ayaw hahawak kay Mommy at Daddy.

Mommy: Matt quiet please.
Matt: Ayaw ka-quiet!

The worst is he wants to ride the escalator by himself. When I hold him first to guide him, he will refused and cry. I patiently explain to him what to do but he will not listen.

Mommy: Anak buhatin kita muna then I will put you down once we are on the escalator.
Matt: Ayaw bubuhat Mommy...

That made Daddy to get him out of the mall. Uwian na! 

While inside the car Matt keeps on crying and telling us to go back to the mall. But since he won't calm down, we decided to go home. It really break my heart to watch him crying. Anyway, he said sorry naman after he calm down. Maybe we are all upset because we can't do what we want to do. I told him the next time we go out, he must at least follow our instruction for his safety. I hope that sink into his very young mind. 

That's it! Happy weekend!
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