Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm Back after a Long Weekend =)

Hello momsies! I have been missing in action for days already. So please expect this to be another long post. I know you had your long weekend too and I will share with you what we have done last weekend.

We spent our weekend at Daddy's in Nueva Evija. Actually, we are still undecided to go home because of the weather. Luckily, the sun went up on Saturday. Yey! Since we still need to go to work on Saturday, we tagged along the little boy so we will drive straight to home na right after Daddy Allan's meeting.

Look we have a new OJT.

Our new OJT
He's busy watching videos but I told you this boy can't sit still for a long time. He charmed everyone in the Lab with his singing and dancing talents.

It was a long trip and right after we reached Daddy's home, the heavy rain poured. We stayed up a little late because of the chit chats and because we need to finish a batch of crochet made to order for meet up tomorrow. Yes, I have learned that a client of ours lives in a barangay near our place so I texted her if we can meet up na lang to save her a shipping fee. 

The next day, before we went to the wet market to buy vegetables and meet up with a client, Matt and his Papa Lolo picked sitaw at their back yard.

Matt and the "sitaws"

More photos here.

Then off to the market to buy vegetables but the price is almost the same in Bulacan except for tomatoes. We ended up just buying tomatoes, hehe... Then I realized we haven't taken photo of the crochet items yet, so ayan Daddy took photo inside the car.

crochet sandals and barefoot flowers
We fetched Daddy's sister and niece after meeting up with the client. Then we went home. Matt and her Ate Gwen was inseparable. Here are some photos of the Matt and her Ate Gwen.
Playing with iPad

The techie kids

They are cute right? Look at Matt, he didn't let go his stick-o. He kept on eating pa din. Hehe.

Oh, how I wish we can stay there as much as we want but we need to go back to Bulacan in the afternoon. You might be wondering why since it's holiday the next day, but there's a lot of orders to finish pa. Maybe next time, we will stay really longer there.

So the went back to Bulacan in the afternoon. The next day, while everyone at home is watching "The Conjuring," Matt and I locked at the room. I hate to watch horror films and looks like Matt is afraid too. As I try to make him sleep, I tried the Camera360 app I have downloaded.

Cutie Matt

Imitating Chuckie
As usual, making him sleep is a battle. So while waiting for him to sleep, I crochet this beautiful Hello Kitty Booties.

Crochet Hello Kitty booties

Hay.. Long weekend and holidays are love, but it just makes me feel sad after. It allow me taste a day or two with Matt. Taking care of him, eating, watching TV and taking a nap with him. But the next day I need to go to work, reality sinks in. I am a working mom.

Anyway, I know I must not complain. We are so blessed. I just hope I can make a better choice. What do you think?

How's your long weekend if I may ask?

Enjoy the day everyone!
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