Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Homeschooling: DIY Tissue Roll Pen Holder

Last night for our homeschooling, Matt and I made tissue roll pen holder for his crayons, pen and pencils.

DIY Tissue Roll Pen Holder

The little boy is so happy with his pen holders. He immediately put in all his pencils, crayons, pens and even his scissor. He don't stop until all are in.

I will post the "how to" in Crafts by Momaye as soon as I can. It's so easy. You and your kid(s) can do it too.

Let me share some cute conversations with Matt.

Mommy: Anak, bakit ang kulit mo?
Matt: Bastaaaaa...

Then, he asked for water.

Matt: Inom na tubig Mommy. Ay, inom na po ng tubig Mommy. Ayun oh!

He corrected his self by adding "po". Then I said.

Mommy: Bakit lagi nawawala ang po mo anak?
Matt. PO! Ayun oh!

Haha. Silly boy indeed.

That's all! I am sure you are also looking forward for the holiday on Friday. Long weekend for those who don't have work on Saturdays, and I am not one of those :( But still I'm happy and thankful that Friday is no work day.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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