Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fotor: A Free Online Photo Editor

Do you love taking photos? 

I do! Who doesn't? And I think most of the people now are fond of taking photos of their selves, the food they are eating, their pets, their clothes, and everything under the sun (and the moon!). We are one of them because my husband and I love taking photos of our family, especially our son, and our crochet to orders accessories.

Now after taking raw photos, the next step it to edit those photos. It's not everyday that we can capture a picture-perfect photo right so a photo editor is a very useful too for us. I have been always in the look for a good and easy to use photo editors. Luckily, there are photo editing sites like Fotor that we can use for free. Yes, it's FREE.

With Fotor online tools, you can edit your photos, resize, rotate, crop, adjust brightness, saturation, color and more. You can also add text to pictures, like this.

Our son is our favorite photo subject I must say. So to protect our photos I always put watermarks text like the one above. With Fotor you can do it quickly and easy. 

Also, you may use the Tilt Shift editor to add depth to your photos.

You can also do photo collage and photo cards. Overall, I find the site easy to navigate and their tools are easy to use. So if you have photos to edit as quick as possible then you may try Go and click the link to try!

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. However, my opinions are all mine based on what I have experienced using photo editor tools.

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