Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Undas 2013

Hello everyone! It took me so long to make a new post so sorry for that. Until now, my mind is still on vacation kasi. Hehe... Ang hirap talaga un may hang-over ka pa ng bakasyon ano? Madali un before e kasi ang bilis ng oras at di maiinip sa pag-aantay ng bakasyon. But once you are on vacation already, I know like me you are also wishing for the time to slow down. Right or right? Haha!

So expect this post to be a little longer (ano daw?) I will share some (or many) of our photos (taken by Daddy Allan) during our vacation last Undas. We went to our hometown, Muñoz Nueva Ecija, that was recently devastated by typhoon Santi. You can still see how strong typhoon Santi was because of the sights of the uprooted trees, damaged electrical posts, and even house without roofs. Nevertheless, I am happy to see our hometown standing still after the storm. I am happy to see those farmers harvesting their crops. And there are still lucky farmers with undamaged crops.

Anyway, Matt went home earlier with my brother and my mother. Daddy Allan and I went home afternoon of October 31st. My in-laws said Matt don't even remember us. Na-sad naman ako... But guess what his reaction when he saw us.

Matt: Ayun si Mommy ko.(while jumping happily)

He said that many times and he hugged and kissed me. He then said...

Matt: Mommy tabi tayo matulog mamaya ha.

Sabi na e, na-mimiss nya din kami. Happy na ko, hehe... Here he is with his ate Gwen.

The next day we had a mini picnic at the CLSU Oval. My brother invited our two cousins with their children. This is the first time after I graduated 11 years ago, that we went there. Here are some of our photos.


I am so happy to see them again after so many years. Actually, I always pray that one day our family and relatives will have a reunion. But I know it will take long pa because of the unresolved differences between most of us. For our side naman, time had healed the wounds of the past and in case we bump with our relatives, whom we had differences before, I know we will be truly happy to meet and greet them. No grudges na.

And the cuties...

My ever cutie boy, Matthew Andrei and my chinita niece, Angela Margarette or Gelai for short.

Oh I am not done yet =) Here are the photos taken the following day (November 2) when we went to the cemetery. We decided not to go on November 1st because for sure we will have a hard time going inside the cemetery.

Our three cuties: Matt, Ara and Gelai. Here naman with my Kuya's son, Jeff-jeff.

Our Family pictures.

We went to another cemetery to visit Daddy's grandfather.

Matt's cutie pictures again.

I just noticed that Daddy Allan, Me and Matt have no photos together. Daddy kasi is always the photographer e.

Lastly, after going to the cemetery we decided to go home to avoid the traffic the next day but still matraffic pa din.. We stopped over here.

And at Sta. Maria to eat and take a rest at the park where we saw this dancing fountain.

Do we look tired already? That's after more than 5 hours on the road.

So that's our photo bombs Undas 2013. It was a happy, tiring, fun long weekend for us. Looking forward to another long vacation. Christmas is here!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday everyone!
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