Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mom and Dad Crochet on Facebook

How's your day everyone? Mid-week na ulit, super bilis ng araw. It's only 3 more days and we'll say hello to December. Sale is everywhere and tomorrow is the start of another Big Garment Sale in Meycauayan Bulacan. So if you are just near the place or you want to buy cheap branded items, you can go there. And if you will ask if we will go, maybe no. I still can't get over my lost wallet e.

I keep on telling my self not to be guilty na. Aside from losing the money kasi I really regret not buying what I want. Alam nyo yun ganun feeling na sana ibinili ko na lang yun pera ng bag na gustong gusto ko or yun shoes. But like you guys said, and Daddy Allan too, the money will come back in many ways and that maybe the person who got it badly needs money. It happened for a reason so ayan konti na lang I can move on na. Surely, Daddy Allan will laugh at me when he read this post. Di daw kasi ako maka-move on talaga. Konting push na lang promise, hehe.
O sya positive vibes naman. If you observe there's an additional FB page like button at the sidebar. It's our new FB page solely for our crochet creations. You can view there the very first crochet creation Daddy Allan and I have done. You can see how much our crocheting evolves from creating a not so pretty booties to a more complicated hats, boots, diaper cover and so on. It's started with our passion to create beautiful stuffs. And I must admit it's not an easy start for I am always afraid to make complicated things. I always want a simple, fast and easy crafts. I never thought I can crochet a diaper cover and other complicated accessories. All handmade with love from me and Daddy Allan.

So please, please check it out. I'm also begging you to like and share newest FB page: Mom and Dad Crochet.

Mom and Dad Crochet

Also, Our Family Blogs About has a FB page too. Please so visit, like and share too.

Our Family Blogs About

Di maikakaila sino ang gumawa ng mga header at profile pictures, hehe... Please visit and like our FB pages. It really means a lot to me and Daddy Allan. Thanks in advance everyone.

Enjoy the rest of the day and be safe!
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