Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Is this true? Typhoon Yolanda is a man-made typhoon?

Have you already watched the a viral Youtube video saying Yolanda is a man-made typhoon? But a UP professor and a scientist, Dr. Mahar Lagmay, already debunks the idea of creating a man-made typhoon.

He said: “I see no relation as of the moment… There’s no very solid demonstration of its (microwave pulse) relation with how it generates cyclones, how this makes the water evaporate and accumulate in a particular area. It’s simply not well-documented,” he said.
“You don’t prove something through your golden voice or the way you speak it out… What he was doing is that he was trying to name-drop Stanford University to boost his argument,” he added. “Let’s just put it this way. In science, you have to demonstrate it. It must be repeatable and it must be testable. He was not able to do that and, therefore, it’s not proven.”

You can read more of Dr. Lagmay's explanation here.

But the rumor about the man-made super typhoon doesn't stop and another Youtube video about how the microwave pulse gave birth to typhoon Yolanda is uploaded. This is in response to what Dr. Lagmay said, as the uploader said.

Just thinking of the idea that it's possible to create a typhoon and not just a typhoon but a super typhoon is really scary right? I actually had goosebumps reading through.

Let's all pray that this is not true and it's not possible. God knows better than we do and let's all trust Him.
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