Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Childhood's Christmas Carol Story

When I was a child I always look forward to Christmas season. Not only because of the new dress and shoes that my mother will buy me or the gifts the that I will receive from relatives and Godparents. But also because of the Christmas caroling with my childhood friends that I am always excited to join. We do our own musical instruments and we sing our heart out even if most of the times, we were out of tune. We were so happy even with the 5-peso (or even less) that we can take home after each night of caroling. Because it's not about the money, but it's about the experience and friendship that we have shared that matters most.
I remember one time when only me and my younger siblings were at home. It was passed 9 in the evening and we were waiting for our mother and father. When there's a group of carolers came to our house equipped with drums and guitar. I told my brother and sister that we have nothing to give. My brother suggested to turn off the TV and so we did. We heard the strumming of the guitar that was a little out of tune. Then their soft voices took the air of silence and the sound of their drums pounded my heart making it beat even faster. I looked at my brother who was trying to peep into the little hole of our door. Then he told me he will turn off the lights inside our house and he did. Silly boy he is. But the carolers still don't stop and sang another song, and another. We were feeling hopeless that my brother also turned off the lights in front of our house. That made the carolers stop and realized we were not giving them any. They did go away and after awhile our older brother came home. He asked me if the carolers he came across with went to our house because he gave them money. Whew! I felt less guilt hearing that.

From then on, when season of Christmas is nearing, we always ask our parents to leave us money in case unexpected carolers came in. And now, there are more groups of carolers, both adult and kids, are coming in our home. We usually expect at least 10 groups to come each night that usually starts on the first day of December. I'm not kidding or exaggerating because that is happening here. That's why I told Daddy we need to be prepared especially that it is just 2 days before December.

For sure you also have a Christmas carol story and I love to read them too.

Have a great day!
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