Sunday, November 24, 2013

Homeschooling Update + A Rainbow

The other day, on our way back home, we saw this rainbow. I really love seeing rainbow. For me, it means hope that after every rain, there's a sunshine. Parang kanta lang, hehe...

a Rainbow

And let me share a little update on our homeschooling. We are both in writing and reading. I am practicing Matt to hold a pencil properly. I need so much patience when teaching him because he always make it hard for me. He's still playful and I think that's normal since he's just 3 years. There are times that he will not want to trace and practice writing letters. 

writing ABCs
So I need to bribe him.

Mommy: Anak, kung di ka matuto magsulat paano ka mag-school next year.
Matt: Di na very good sa teacher Mommy?
Mommy: Yes anak. Saka di na kita bibilhan ng bag na Cars, saka shoes, saka lahat ng gamit na Cars.
Matt: Lahat-lahat Mommy wala?
Mommy: Oo anak, wala LAHAT. Waley!
Matt: Lahat walang Cars, waley!

Haha. That's when I realize I should have not said "waley". I corrected that naman.

Mommy: Oo anak, wala kang gamit na Cars pag di ka matuto magsulat at magbasa. WALA!
Matt: Walang Cars Mommy (and there's silence...)
Mommy: Gusto mo?
Matt: Ayaw po.
Mommy: Okay good tara sulat na.

He followed me naman then he talked again...

Matt: Mommy, bibili tayo ng Cars na bag saka shoes saka slippers saka pagkain na Cars...
Mommy: Oo nga anak. Sulat na at magbabasa pa tayo.

Actually, he talks a lot and he even make sumbong his self. All the things he have done that day, he'll gonna told us. Endlessly, paulit ulit. Unlimited kasi, hehe. That's why when you have a toddler, you must also have tons and tons of patience.

Anyhow, toddlers no matter how terrible or tortuous they are, they are adorable, lovable, huggable and to top it all, they are amazing learners. Agree? If you are not convince yet, please watch Matt's video on counting 1-100.

That's all and have a Blessed Sunday!
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