Monday, November 25, 2013

Not so Lucky Weekend + Divisoria Loot

Hello Monday! It's another work week. The weekend just passed like that no, ang bilis. It was a tiring weekend for us. Daddy and I went to Divisoria last Saturday, and the traffic jam was terrible. 

Supposedly, November 30 is our Divisoria day schedule but at the last minute Daddy filed a leave and then off we went. It was a wrong decision because it took us 2 hours from Hermosa Taft to Tutuban parking due to heavy traffic. Then the rain poured while we are walking along Tabora. Nevertheless, we still manage to buy those in our list.

On our way home, we realized almost everything we bought were for Matt. Look!

Divisoria Loot

All cars (and train) except for the shoes. We can't find cars shoes e. Matt is so so so happy seeing all these stuffs. Muntik pang di makuhaan ng photo since he's so impatient to have them. He even climbed the table where we put these for picture taking, he grabbed the big car and run to his room. Silly boy!

Anyway, I understand why he's so eager to play with his new cars. Because he got a set of Disney Cars e that we bought for only 44 pesos at Anding's Toys.

Disney Cars
Anding's Toys used to be in Tutuban Cluster building but they are at Tabora na. You can find very cheap toys there but I have to warn you that their new place (I don't if it's just temporary) is not as spacious as their old store before. Anyhow, for sure you'll manage to buy because of their cheaper price. (Correction: Mommy Pehpot said Anding's store in Tabora is the main branch. First time ko kasi makita ang Anding's sa Tabora so I thought doon sila lumipat after the fire at Tutuban Mall. Thanks Mommy Peh!)

Actually, the main reason why we went to Divisoria is to pick up our goods but since we are already there, we made the most out of the time we were there. We bought fruits like grapes, ponkan and apples. Then I remember there's also a Wellmanson store at Tabora. They are selling very cheap craft and crochet materials there and we have bought some that I will also write about here soon.

Sunday naman is a family day. As usual we went to Church first. Then we went to the wet market as Matt's yaya want to buy daw shorts. Maybe you are wondering why I called our weekend not so lucky. It's because of the terrible traffic last Saturday plus my wallet got lost while we were at the wet market =(

But I am still fortunate because it's only the wallet that's lost. Lucky also that my important IDs are not there though it has cash inside and my lucky penny is there, huhu. I had a hard time convincing myself that's it's okay and thinking of it still makes me regret why I am not that careful. Imagine sa Divisoria hindi ako nadukutan, dito lang pala sa palengke namin mangyayari ito sa akin sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon. Ang haba ng lintanya, hehe.

Whether it was lost or stolen, I hope the person who got it use it for a purpose. To lessen my guilt, I am thinking na lang that maybe the person who got it badly needs the money. And just like what Daddy said, it's just money and it will be back to us twice in different ways. But how about my Girbaud wallet Daddy? Hehe...

Yay, sorry for the long post. I had hard time typing this one because honestly, I still can't get over what had happened. Malaki din naman kasi un laman nun wallet at un wallet mismo =( Hay, I have to stop my self and end here. Enough of the not so lucky rant.

I hope your weekend went well and have a great week ahead.
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