Saturday, November 23, 2013

On Annual Physical Examination and Losing Weight

Happy Saturday! Weekend is here again. Time flies so fast and in a few more days, Christmas day is here.

Anyway, last month we had our annual physical examination. The examination includes blood, urine, and fecal test, and also x-ray. Thank God the test results are all normal. My blood pressure is also normal too. Daddy Allan's test results too are all normal. But one of our colleagues, surprising has a high blood pressure. It was taken twice already. He can't believe because he's not feeling something abnormal or symptoms of having a blood pressure.

We told him to request for further test like blood chemistry to get his blood cholesterol level. If in case he do have a high blood cholesterol he can check atorvastatin online. It is much better if he'll know it earlier than he'll wait for the symptoms right?

On the other hand, even if my annual physical test results are normal, I do worry about by weight gain. I have gained 3 kilograms over a year. But I won't disclose what's my weight last year =)

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I really feel bad about it. That's why I am determined to do a regular exercise. I do cardio and weight lifting exercises everyday for at least 10 minutes. I also do sit ups for my tummy. I would love to show you my tummy now but I am too shy since it's not yet that tone. I am trying a  low-carbohydrate diet (less rice and white breads) and includes high fiber meal like oatmeal and cereals. I try also to avoid sodas and other sweet foods, and also junk and oily foods. I said I'm trying because it's not easy to get rid of them. It makes me crave more so I  do cheat once in awhile.

So that's my weight loss journey. It's not just about weight loss, it's also about feeling healthy and strong. Since I do a regular exercise, I feel that my heart is stronger and I don't get tired easily. My back pain is gone as well and I can see I have a healthier skin. One thing I must avoid is sleeping late that gives me pimple breakout, oh that's another story.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and spend quality time with your family, or me time with your self.

Happy weekend!
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