Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy Wednesday + My Little Singer

Hello everyone! I have been so busy with my work that's why I am missing for awhile. This is something I missed for the longest time and surprisingly, I love it. I have this brand new feeling that I am back at my track again to lead my group. For the longest time, I feel my work is not helping me to improve and I no longer feel fulfillment. Maybe because my mind set is with becoming a work at home mom. Now, I gave myself a chance to love my work again. So please bear with me, okay?

Moving forward... Being a working mom/wife is never easy, much more that I am also into crafts, crocheting and blogging. Sometimes I am surprise how can I manage my time to do all my duties. If there's one tip I can give is that leave your work at your work place. I do not bring work at home and I don't render overtime unless urgently needed. I go straight to our home after work, unless we need to go to the grocery or market. I am not saying forget about your social life and me time, which I can say I do not have right. But once in awhile going out with your friends, and or with your husband can be a great rest from all those duties.

At home, even if my day is full of stress and problems at work, I try not to show it to my son. Who can not be stress free when you see this little boy jumping while looking for pasalubong? Haha... Also, we are lucky that our helper is patient and keep our house clean. She will automatically ask us what she do or cook. Most of the times it's Daddy who cooks our dinner so I have no choice but to homeschool Matt while waiting for our dinner =)

With our informal homeschooling, we usually read or write. Right now, Matt can write his name and some letters of the alphabet. Although I still need to remind him to write within the lines, this is something I am already proud of. He's just 3 and never been to school but he can already write some letters and read few words. Also, he loves to draw so I let him draw his imagination.

He's drawing a car up there just in case you can't figure it out, hehe... Now, if he doesn't want to write, to draw or read, I let him be. I just sit by his side while I am crocheting. I listen tirelessly with all his stories, and I encourage him to talk a lot. Sometimes it's irritating but  most of the times it's cute, haha. Also, he loves to sing and he can already sing a remix of all the chorus of the songs he knows. That's why I told Daddy that we must buy a microphone so we can do sing along at home. Oh I can already hear Matt's voice all over the house!

So that's all for now. I need to pack up my things and go home, haha.

See you tomorrow!
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