Thursday, February 13, 2014

Homeschooling: Matt's Writing + Life lessons

Hey Thursday na! Parang kaka-Monday lang a. Time please slow down naman... How's your week guys? So far so good or the other way around? Whatever you are into, just be positive and everything will be okay, alrighty?

By the way, let me share an update with our homeschooling. I am so happy to announce that Matt can already write his name.

This is the first time he followed my instruction to write his name. Though he in capital letter lang muna.

And he can't write within the lines pa, but still I am happy he can write his whole name already.

I don't know what got into him. I was surprised one afternoon, that he likes writing na. He will tell me pa "tara na Mommy, sulat ko na pangalan ko." Then his yaya told me that Matt told her he wants to go to school already. Good signs right?

Yun lang magastos sa papel because he keeps on writing and writing his name. He even got to memorized all the letters of MATTHEW ANDREI and even our surname.

Matt: Ano na po sunod Mommy? (He asked me, after writing letter M)
Mommy: Ano po ba?
Matt: Di po ba A? Ganito o, pababa, pababa, straight line.

I have mixed feelings looking at him. I am overwhelmed with how fast he is learning things, and I am a bit sad that one day he's a baby no more. Nyay! But he's just 3, more years to go before he can stand on his own. #emomom

Two days ago pala, he wrote this birthday greetings for his Tita Sexy.

Our homeschooling journey makes me more patient with Matt. I learn to trust him more and that makes him more confident. Also, this little boy never fail to teach us everyday life lessons. And one thing I just learn from him is not to rush things. Because everything will happen in time. Just keep the faith.

How about you, do you also learn from your child?

Happy Thursday!
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