Friday, February 28, 2014

Payday Friday + My Gluta- C Collection

It's Friday payday! At long last payday na, hehe... I am always looking forward to our 30th/31st salary. Mas maluwag kasi kami with expenses during the end of month. Almost all of our bills payment due falls before, on or just after the 15th.

However, it maybe weird but this time I am not excited with what are we going to purchase. Surely we will go the grocery or market to buy our basic needs. Usually, we go to the grocery on the 4th day of the month because by that day, Daddy Allan's credit card has a billing statement na. As much as possible, we buy all the things, food and others that we need for the entire month. Then we go to the market once a week to buy fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. In that way, we can get rid of unplanned purchase. 

Though I can't say we are strict with this because there are times that suddenly we craved for a food and we don't have ingredients at home for that. Si Daddy Allan pa, ang maisipan, hehe...

Before anything else, let me share first my Gluta-C collection.

My Gluta- C Intense Whitening Collection

I called it a collection since I almost have all the Gluta-C products. Oh I forgot to include the Gluta-C soap. When Daddy won a gift pack from Gluta-C, syempre ako ang nagtry. I tried the soap, the insta-white cream and the lotion first. Surprisingly, I don't have breakouts and that is so rare. Ganyan kasi ako lagi just after trying a new product, I get pimples. So, I decided to continue the use of all the Gluta-C products and I also bought the Gluta-C whitening toner and facial day cream too.

Okay going back to what excites me during payday now. What I look forward to is to get hold of our salary and allocate funds. We bought envelopes where we can put those funds. But I don't keep cash long that's why I always ask Daddy to deposit our savings and I just keep little cash for our weekly needs. Again, there are times we go beyond what I allocate weekly and it's okay as long as it's all for food, haha.

Last January, I started taking down all our daily expenses, as in all. Because of that I saw that more than 70% of our total monthly expenses is from our grocery, market and food expenses. The remaining percent is from our electric, internet and water bills. And heto pa, our February expenses is so far more than 5000 pesos lower than our January expenses. 

That's the benefit of taking down all the expenses pala. You get to see where your hard earned money goes. It will also serve as a guide and motivation for us. Like me, I got inspired knowing our current month's total expenses went 5000 pesos lower than the previous month. That means that 5000 can be part of our family savings or emergency fund. I can also put it to funds allocated for planned purchases like a new sofa set maybe, hehe.

O sha, I have to finish checking reports pa. It's reporting day today e. Happy Friday and please remember to spend wisely.
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