Friday, February 7, 2014

Homeschooling: Little Genius "Speller"

Hello everyone! It's Friday already. Ang bilis talaga ng araw ano? 

So how's your week? Busy still? Mine is just the usual week except that I have been such an emotional me =) I will not go into details but it's good that once in awhile I burst into tears and cry my heart out. It's kinda a relief when you have too much to bear. Apparently, my little boy doesn't want to see me crying. The next day he told me, "Mommy wag ka na po iiyak ha?" He's the sweetest I tell you. 

Aside from that he will kiss, loves and hug me. How? He will kiss me on my lips, loves by kissing me on my cheek and his power hug. Isn't he's so sweet? He will never hesitate to do it over and over again, tirelessly. I love this boy really. Thank God I have him and his Dad who understand me even at my "topak" mode, haha.

So that's how I was few days back and now, let me give you a little update about our homeschooling. Friday last week, which was a holiday because of Chinese New Year, we went to mall for no reason, hehe... We just feel we need to go out and have some fun. But no, I remember we promised to buy Matt a car so our first stop was Toy Kingdom.

At Toy Kingdom, we went around and of course Matt was so amazed of the many toy car display. He initially chose a small red car, but we told him we must buy a big one since he has so many small cars at home already. But he insist to buy that small car. Then came a saleslady and show Matt a box of more than 10 small cars, which Matt of course loves. I looked at Daddy and whisper to him that we will not buy that set of small cars. Matt has so many small cars at home that he will just pull off each tire. So buying him another set of small cars is no good. However, the saleslady kept on following us even if I already thanked her. Okay, I appreciate her effort to help us and it's her job but I also do hope she also feel that we want some privacy. It's hard to talk to Matt when there are other people around because I don't want him to freak out and mapahiya. You know what I mean Moms and Dads right?
To cut the story short, we successfully escaped from that saleslady. Daddy and I tried our best to convince Matt but the boy didn't want to listen. Until, we heard the sound of the drums. Chinese New Year nga pala, the Dragons are here. I told Matt we'll go out to see the Dragons and leave the set of cars to the Daddy for the meantime. He did! Save by the drums! Haha...

Thank God he didn't remember the cars after that. So we went away from Toy Kingdom, just in time we passed by a store (forgot the name pero sounds like Precious Romance, tama ba Daddy?). I went inside to looks for some educational stuff instead (of cars). I saw some coloring and story books with McQueen car designs. I showed them to Matt that is a mistake for he remember the cars we left. He picked a McQueen car flash card that he thought contains toy cars. I told him it's just a set of cards so he let go. Then I found this Little Genius Speller, Php 209.75.

 Little Genius Speller
 Little Genius Speller

This  Little Genius Speller is suitable for kids 3 years old and above so I think this is what we need with our homeschooling.
 Little Genius Speller

Just make sure not to leave your kids because the set comes with small dice that can choke them. This is especially when your kids love to eat anything, lol!

 Little Genius Speller

Matt loves it! In fact, he can't wait to open the box that he himself tore the paper packaging from the store. That's why I failed to take a photo of their lovely their packaging.

 Little Genius Speller

So did Matt totally forgot the cars? No, because right after we eat he asked Daddy to go back to Toy Kingdom. He bought the small red car he picked first then bought a coin bank There's no McQueen car design this time, so he chose his first love, Mickey Mouse.

Too many coins that makes the coin bank almost full, haha. Going to malls with toddlers who already know what he wants to buy is a big challenge. I always remind Daddy to stay cool while I do the explaining and the pang-uuto. Sometimes it's easy to make him understand that not all he wants will be his but there are times that he will really test our patience. I just tell my self, "kapag napikon ka, talo ka." That's how we deal with him, "ang pikon ay talo!" I can see it's not his intention to upset us, he's just testing our patience and disposition. If we give in, he will surely do it over and over again. If we didn't, it will upset him for awhile but I always tell him there's something better out there that he can have.

So that's our week, our homeschooling and how we deal with Matt. I hope you had a stress free week and a restful weekend. And let me leave this reminder...
" And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith." ~ Galatians 6:9-10
Happy Friday! 
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