Saturday, February 8, 2014

On Blogging and Writing

I must admit, I am not with English grammar. In fact, back when I was still in school, the lowest grade I always have was in English. That maybe one of the reasons why I chose a technical/science course. But of course, I can’t escape the English subjects because that’s included in our curriculum. And that technical writing was one of our requirements so we can conduct our thesis. It was really the hardest part of my college life, haha.

Fast forward to the present. I am now an aspiring blogger/writer. I am still not that good with writing but at least I can tell a story. Oh, I am not saying I can tell a story very well because I will admit there are times it’s hard for me to write a story with a continuous flow. That’s why I admire those who can write a story with continuity and never bores the reader. I wish I can be that good one day.

Anyway, when Daddy and I started our new family blog, it came to my mind that one day our son will join us too. That one day he will start to love writing as well. Of course, I will encourage him to write. This will help him with his English subject, particularly in writing essays.

This is another revelation. I used to hate writing essays. I can’t seem to express myself in writing. I wish that time there are sites like that I can turn to when my teacher required us to make an essay. This will surely make my college life easier, especially when I was already conducting my thesis. Nonetheless, I made it through the rain.

That’s why it’s all a surprise for me to be a blogger.  But like what I always say, I don’t aspire to be the best. I just want to improve and be good at my best. So next time you see some grammar glitches, please bear with me. You may prompt through email but please be gentle alrighty?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
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