Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nanay's 67th Birthday

Today, my mother is celebrating her 67th birthday. We will have a little celebration later. But last Sunday we already had her pre-birthday celebration with my siblings and the kids.

The birthday cake from my sister Rona.

Here's our messy, happy table at Jollibee, Muñoz.

Prior to that, we are teasing Nanay that she will have a children's party. Haha... 

Daddy is missing since he's the photographer. 

Kids always enjoy Jollibee.

And even the kids at heart.

Let me share this gif of the 3 kids who are enjoying each others brief bonding time.

They seemed to missed each other, look.

They are really adorable and their laughter is contagious. Before I forget here's our little manang, haha.

And the finale...

Sayang, Nanay was at the rest room at this time. I wish my brother is here too but he's busy with his new business that's why he can't go with us.

I hope one day, we will be have a complete family photo.

That's it! Have a great day ahead everyone.
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