Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feeling Lazy Tuesday + A Yummy Discovery

Hello everyone! How's your week so far? Me, I cannot really overcome the weekend hangover. It's always bitin e, one day lang kasi. Yesterday, I almost not completed my weekly report. It seems that I'm already losing my focus on my work. There's something missing already, or I am just hoping I can quit this job soon. Praying to be a work at home mom soon, in time it will. Sorry that I always write about that wishful thinking of mine :)

And guess what, Tuesday na but I'm feeling lazy pa din. I'm listing down a to do list for a week but I don't know where to start. Oh yeah, talking about losing my focus again. Hehe... 

The truth is, I'm more excited with tweaking my blog template. Yesterday, I have read about 10 Things that shouldn’t be on your blog. That's why I go through my blog and put out all (well, almost) that are not necessary. I'm also interested with how to make a blog template from scratch but just looking at the xml and html codes, naloka na ako. Hehe... I always want to learn how to design a blog. That's one work I should do when I'm WAHMy already. Wish-a-wish-a-wish-a-wish-wish-wish!

Okay, okay let me just share naman something yummy and sweet. Here's our new discovery.

Julie's Finger Lemon flavoured cream sandwich
I always love lemon cream filled biscuits. That's why I asked Daddy to try this Julie's Finger Lemon flavoured cream sandwich.

Julie's Finger Lemon flavoured cream sandwich
It's a little more sweet to my taste buds. I cannot eat much in one sitting. 2-3 pieces will do but promise it's yummy =) Unfortunately, I forgot how much a pack cost but it's around 42 pesos only.

That's for now guys... The coffee break is over...

Happy Tuesday! Be positive and stay happy.
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