Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homeschooling + Ash Wednesday

Hello guys! It's the 5th day of the March already and we can already feel the summer heat. Where did February go by the way? 

Speaking of summer, the Lenten Season is coming so fast too and today is Ash Wednesday. I did't remember it actually until we passed by a Church with the unusual number of people since it's not Sunday. We will attend the afternoon mass after work and I already anticipate the volume of people inside the Church.

Anyway, let me just share a little about our homeschooling. The truth is I am not regularly teaching him nowadays. I let him do his business and watch over him instead. Luckily he loves to draw and write now. And if last time I have told you that he already knows how to write his name but he can't write that within the lines, now look at what he can do.

See, he's doing good. This is what we do most of our nights. While I am crocheting, he's drawing or writing his name or the letters of the alphabet. He's lying flat on his chest while writing and I can see it's not comfortable that way. We have a study table inside our bedroom but we need to buy a couch cushion so Matt can comfortably sit while writing or reading. Just what we need especially that he will be in school this March and for sure we do his assignments every night.

Finally, let me show you his work.

Looks like he already lost his strong grip when his writing our surname. Nonetheless, this is already a good milestone for a 3-year old little boy. I just wish he'll behave well and be a little mature too. Because his behavior is what I fear the most when he enter the school. But just the same, I am a proud Mommy.

That's it guys. I hope you had a stress free week so far :)
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