Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Please Help Me Win a Bag of Yarns

It's another brand new day and guess what, mid week na and heto pa malapit na din mag-mid month. Yay, we may not know it tapos na din ang March. 

So how's your week so far? Mine is not really good but like what I have said yesterday, I have my daily dose of happiness. That's why I always get through the bad day and still have a smile on my lips before I kiss the day goodnight. 

Moving to my real intention, haha. I joined kasi the Yarn Source Manila photo contest to make a cover photo for their Facebook page. Here's what I did.

Yarn Source Manila photo contest

The photos I used above are taken from their Facebook page, as being allowed in their contest rules. The price is a bag full of yarns. I know it is not so much but you know naman guys how I love yarns right? Now, if you do like the cover photo I made just LIKE the the above photo I posted HERE.

Thank you so much (in advance) guys. By the way, our Momaye's Shoppe page just hit the 1500+ likes and I have promised to do a mini giveaway. I'll keep you posted so you can join too.

Happy Wednesday!
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