Friday, March 14, 2014

Payday Friday + Life's Realization

I know, I know guys. Parang kaka-Payday Friday ko lang no, payday Friday na naman. Well, I had a very busy and stressful week so I am looking forward to this last day of the working week. But no, this day is not the end of my busy week because I still need to go to work tomorrow. Half day pa plus we still have a group meeting. Hay... (deep breath)

You know what this week I had some life realizations. I realized that it's hard to escape the past especially when you need to pay off something for what you have done. You cannot escape it and move on to your life just like that. You need to face it, settle and pay for it. Only then you can start a new life and finally let go of the past.

Life Realization Quote

I also realize that the truth will set you free. You can lie over and over again but you cannot deny the fact that in the end the truth will prevail. I know sometimes we need to tell a lie not only for our self but for the people that we love. But no matter what your intention is, it's still a lie and it cannot be corrected by telling or doing another lie. You need to end it by telling the truth.

Life Realization Quote

And after everything that have been said and done, your family will always be your family. Your family will always be there for you when all your friends already turn their back on you. You may argue most of the times and hurt each other sometimes, but at the end of the day your family will will never close the door for you. They will accept you no matter what because our family loves us unconditionally. 

Life Realization Quote

Finally, we must be thankful with each day, good or bad, that we had. Because what we went through each day makes us better. So in case you are having a bad day, smile because God is just giving you a chance to be better.

Happy weekend everyone!

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