Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Not So Busy Week

Hello guys! Finally, my long week is almost over. Almost because I still have one meeting today with my group. I know, kinacareer ko na ang work ko. Hehe. I commit to give myself a chance to love my work again. 

You know, ever since I became a mother I always think about ways to be a work at home mommy. That made me hate my current work that has been a great help with our finances and expenses. I forgot that before I became a mother, I am a Chemist. So since two weeks ago, my every work day has been very busy. Time runs so fast that I failed to make a post regularly but at least I am trying to balance everything.

But surprise me is that even with my so busy day, I don't feel much stress and in fact I am enjoying it. Though it's still my number goal to become a work at home mommy. Anyways, enough of reasoning, haha. Let me just share how my busy week went.

I have never been this busy with my work and I can feel as the days passed by, lalo akong nagigising busy. It's all started when we started to have a weekly meeting. Because of that I have discovered that we need so many things to do, to document, to organize and to revise. Then last Thursday we had a group meeting. Of course, that means additional work to do. But like I have said, I like it. Ewan ko lang kung bakit, hehe.

Oh before I forget pala. Daddy Allan and I started this cleansing diet-dietan. We started on Monday with supposedly all watery fruits.

However, I ate a little serving of rice over dinner because I can't take it anymore. That's why I told Daddy Allan, I cannot do what is plan. So we still eat a little serving of rice in morning and night, and the rest are all fruits and vegetables. Then next week, we are planning to include smoothies to your daily eating plan. 

I actually feel much better after 5 days of going into that diet plan. Though I didn't get the weight loss that's been promise if you religiously follow the plan. It's still okay for me because going through that plan makes me less of sweet and unhealthy foods. Also, feeling ko madali akong nabusog and I have less hyperacidity :)

So that's our not so successful diet plan, hehe. Now, I have already write about little update on our homeschooling. Let me just clear, our homeschooling is not a formal one and I just want to call it homeschooling, haha. Well, after work I try to be religious with teaching Matt to unless lessen my mommy guilt.

He loves to write and draw so I let him do it. Or he will spend his time with his Little Genius Speller.

While he's doing that we are crocheting. Here' Daddy Allan's cute baby boy sandals.

crochet baby boy sandals
Here are my crochet chucks/converse and black soccer ball booties.

crochet converse/chucks

crochet soccer ball booties
Those are part of a MTO batch. Instead of just watching TV at night, we opt to crochet and earn while also watching over Matt. At times, Matt will make lambing and so we have to give in. I will admit that there are times that we are so hooked and we tend to ignore Matt. Lately, he's getting hard to deal with and I realized he wants more attention. 

And so we do our best to give him the attention, time and love he deserves. So at home, we do everything together. Aside from eating and watching TV, we exercise and have fun together. Look at Matt and Daddy.

Sorry for the door mat... Don't mind it please, hehe. Just look at my two adorable boys. Sino mas gwapo?

That's how my not so busy week went. I just finished our weekly meeting this morning while Daddy is still at their weekly plant meeting. Looks like their meeting will be extended until after lunch and so I told Daddy to bring me home first. That's because I still need to finish the felt cloth letters order due on Monday. See, I am unstoppable and I never stop working until weekend :)

Happy weekend everyone!
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