Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Saturday + My Little Singer2

Yey, it's Saturday again! Just like you, I always look forward to weekends. Though we really don't do special things during those two days, just spending quality time with our family is more than enough for me to say "I love weekends!" I bet you too!

Anyways, last night while I am busy crocheting, Daddy came inside our bedroom with our manicure/pedicure kit. Seeing that kit reminds me of my aching toe fingers. And so I ask him if he can clean mine after he's done with his toe finger nails. Of course, he can never say no and he clean Matt's too.

Matt actually served first, haha. Lucky that we have a Daddy who is so accommodating. I just hope he's more patient too, right Daddy?

By the way, I already told you that Matt loves to sing. I know I haven't shown you any proof so allow me to show one.

I hope you can understand the lyrics, haha. This was recorded using Daddy Allan's netbook.

I hate to end this too soon but I still have a meeting to attend to. So remember to spend some quality time with your family because they deserve your time more than anything else.  Happy weekend everyone!
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